Lyric of the Week: I wanna bake cookies on Ryan Gosling's stomach

Upon an agreement with my boss that I could
move back to ASU
start my training for work
this upcoming weekend instead of this passed weekend
(cue the hallelujah chorus)
I decided to spend the weekend doing hardly anything productive.

Like the raging 21-year old that I am,
I spent my Saturday night in.

I baked cookies with enough butter in them to make Paula Dean say
"Ew. That's a lot of butter."

I took a 
how-now-brown-cow dress 
(I hate the color brown more than I hate Kidz Bop)
that I bought at a garage sale for $1.00
dyed it into the most perfect
little black dress

...in case you were worried,
no, the spoon used to 
stir the toxic dye
was not used to also
stir the cookie dough.

And finally,
I watched
Crazy, Stupid, Love

You know, the one with this guy in it

...I couldn't pick just one,
so I took a screen shot of the Google Image results.

Sue me.

Since Ryan was unavailable to come over
let me bake cookies on his 12 pack,
I did the next best thing...
carefully crafted a cookie
to look like loverboy himself

...okay. I didn't really make this.
However, I found it on Google, which means 
some other weirdo
actually did make it.

But let's get back to that movie I was watching...

The movie has a pretty good soundtrack.
This is probably the song I am happiest made the cut...

"restless soul, lie down...
weary soul, you'll drive...
gentle soul, you'll fly."

I have to admit, the rest of the lyrics are pretty out there
the song is 
quite calming and serene.

And that is
exactly what my
hot-for-Ryan-Gosling self 

After listening to this song numerous times while writing up this post,
I am already much more in control of my Ry Guy obsession.

Okay.  Not really.

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